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Covertan 30 (30gsm)

Covertan 30 has been specially designed for winter protection of crops. With its heavy weight, Covertan 30 protects damage from frost and snow. Permeability and its effect windbreaks can reduce the impact of sudden changes in temperature and avoid excessive dehydration plants in winter.

Covertan 30 (30gsm)

Covertan 30  is a  highly resistant but still permeable fleece. It is primarily designed for its protective properties rather than to improve plant growth. Covertan thermicity 30 has a 24%, 3 times higher than that of a standard PE film. This thermal effect combined with high mechanical properties (65% higher than Covertan 17), it can withstand extreme conditions. Permeability to air and air movement are reduced by 25%  compared to light weight fleece, contributing the the enhanced thermal effect, and static water penetration is reduced by 40% to protect more against the  impact of wind driven rain. 

For plants in overwintering, it provides:

 • Protection for plants above ground level against mechanical damage frost and snow due to its mechanical strength and uniform distribution

 • A windbreak effect against excessive drying of twigs, buds and leaves

 • Protection against excess moisture that can lead to a root asphyxiation

 • effective thermal protection against freezing of the exposed parts of the plant and the roots

 • reinforcement against sudden changes in temperature due to its permeability

For vegetable crops such as leek and cabbage Covertan 30 delays the freezing and hardening the ground, making harvesting easier.

Its air permeability ensures good air exchange under the  fleece which reduces temperature fluctuations and the impact of temperature spikes

The water permeability of Covertan - specificaly the low hydrostatic head - allow a good flow of water from rain and irrigation.

All our fleece are Z folded, which makes the installation quick and easy.


  • Open fields
  • Plastic Tunnels

Crop Types:

  • Ornamentals
Covertan 30 (30gsm)Covertan 30 (30gsm)
Thermal Effect

Thermal Effect ►

Temperature management is critical in controling plant growth. Covertan fleece forms part of a temperature management strategy.

Earliness, Yield & Uniformity

Earliness, Yield & Uniformity ►

Selecting the correct crop cover and using it effectively can significantly improve the economics of a harvest. Covertan has been proven to do this for over 20 years. 

Climatic Protection

Climatic Protection ►

Plants can be damaged by elements such as heavy rain and wind  drying. Crop cover forms a protective layer that can reduce this.

Pest Protection

Pest Protection ►

Preventing the pest reaching the crop is an effective method of reducing crop loss and damage. Covertans breathable structure creates a permeable barrier.

Robustness and Strength

Robustness and Strength ►

Once covered by fleece, the durability of the materials help ensure the longer term protection. Formulated for exposed applications, Covertan is extremely robust.

Light Transmission

Light Transmission ►

Light drives plant growth. Covertan crop cover has a structure that balences openness with the protection required for crops.

Permeability to Air and Water

Permeability to Air and Water ►

Moisture and air balance are major factors in robust plant growth. Covertan crop cover has a structure that balances openness with the protection required for crops.

Durability / UV stabilisation

Durability / UV stabilisation ►

Sunlight is an aggressive degrador of most materials. To overcome this, Covertan is specially formulated with stabilizers that reduce this impact and give targeted exposure life.


Recyclability ►

Covertan is made from a single polymer - polypropylene, which is recyclable. This even includes the bonding used in wide width products. 

Transport Optimisation

Transport Optimisation ►

Transport optimisation, multiple roll widths.

There is no standard field and to create optimal covering Covertan is available in both standard sizes for the most common widths, and  "tailor-made"sizes from 1 to 28 m wide. Rolls are produced with a Z fold for ease of opening and the standard  2.40 m width, fitting within a  truck for easy handling and transport.