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Covertan 17 (17gsm)

This benchmark product offers high moisture transmission to support growth. This is matched to air permeability for temperature stability and heat retention to increase root temperatures which drive early maturation of crops.  Thicker fibres make the product robust enough to protect from occasional weather extremes and custom widths help ensure the optimum coverage of crops.

Covertan 17 (17gsm)

Covertan 17 is the lightest product in the Covertan range . Its low weight prevents damage to crops covered even in windy conditions.

It protects crops against external aggressions. Covering crops reduces the impact of hail and heavy rain and prevents soil compaction. It is also an effective physical barrier against pests such as rabbits & birds. It not only protects against direct damage from insects, but also their resulting impact as a vector for the transmission of viruses (white fly).

Designed specifically for agriculture, it is composed of high thickness polypropylene filaments, (40% thicker than most competitors) which are distributed in a 3 dimensional matrix which ensures:

• Excellent resistance to attack by UV radiation and thus improved durability over time

• High mechanical strength, relevant during installation, protection and removal which reduces tearing and saves time and labour

• Good water permeability that ensures a uniform distribution of rainwater and irrigation

• High air permeability which ensures good ventilation and a buffering effect  that reduces extremes of temperature

• A very good light transmission necessary for the effective photosynthesis

Covertan 17 allows the creation of a microclimate favorable to crop growth and its use can therefore create more consistent and earlier yields. This reduces the crop cycle, favoring faster crop rotation. Early gains in the range of 8-18 days for lettuce and 8-14 days for strawberries can be made compared to uncovered crops.

To optimise the use of crop cover, Covertan 17 is available in a wide range of custom and standard sized rolls up to 28m wide. This reduces installation time through minimum roll changes, fewer traverses of the field and less product waste. Installation is also simplified with the option of reinforced edges that reduce the risks during roll-out and staking to ensure the integrity of the fleece is maintained. All our fleece are Z folded, which makes the installation quick and easy.


  • Open Fields
  • Plastic Tunnels
  • Micro Tunnels

Crop Types:

  • Tubers
  • Root vegetables
  • Fruit Vegetables and soft fruit
  • Leaf and stem vegetables
  • Brassica
  • Ornamentals
  • Bananas
  • Young Plants
Covertan 17 (17gsm)Covertan 17 (17gsm)Covertan 17 (17gsm)Covertan 17 (17gsm)
Thermal Effect

Thermal Effect ►

Temperature management is critical in controling plant growth. Covertan fleece forms part of a temperature management strategy.

Earliness, Yield & Uniformity

Earliness, Yield & Uniformity ►

Selecting the correct crop cover and using it effectively can significantly improve the economics of a harvest. Covertan has been proven to do this for over 20 years. 

Climatic Protection

Climatic Protection ►

Plants can be damaged by elements such as heavy rain and wind  drying. Crop cover forms a protective layer that can reduce this.

Pest Protection

Pest Protection ►

Preventing the pest reaching the crop is an effective method of reducing crop loss and damage. Covertans breathable structure creates a permeable barrier.

Robustness and Strength

Robustness and Strength ►

Once covered by fleece, the durability of the materials help ensure the longer term protection. Formulated for exposed applications, Covertan is extremely robust.

Light Transmission

Light Transmission ►

Light drives plant growth. Covertan crop cover has a structure that balences openness with the protection required for crops.

Permeability to Air and Water

Permeability to Air and Water ►

Moisture and air balance are major factors in robust plant growth. Covertan crop cover has a structure that balances openness with the protection required for crops.

Durability / UV stabilisation

Durability / UV stabilisation ►

Sunlight is an aggressive degrador of most materials. To overcome this, Covertan is specially formulated with stabilizers that reduce this impact and give targeted exposure life.


Recyclability ►

Covertan is made from a single polymer - polypropylene, which is recyclable. This even includes the bonding used in wide width products. 

Transport Optimisation

Transport Optimisation ►

Transport optimisation, multiple roll widths.

There is no standard field and to create optimal covering Covertan is available in both standard sizes for the most common widths, and  "tailor-made"sizes from 1 to 28 m wide. Rolls are produced with a Z fold for ease of opening and the standard  2.40 m width, fitting within a  truck for easy handling and transport.